Second Life Business Ideas

On the Second Life website, the company lists the following businesses Ideas as some real examples of in-world enterprises run by residents,you can find some one idea and start to your own business:

Party and wedding planner

Pet manufacturer


Automotive manufacturer

Fashion designer

Custom avatar designer

Jewelry maker


XML coder

Freelance scripter

Game developer

Tour guide

Real estate speculator


How to Become successful on SL

This is the successful story of WannaPiEcE Crabgrass on SL. You want to Become successful on SL too? Please read the story careful:

Okay so you ask yourself, how can I be successful, own land, and make real money on SL without EVER purchasing any Linden Dollars using real money? Well here is my story, which some find hard to believe but I have plenty of friends that can back this up =) You start SL not know what to do, you start very confused at which road to take. When I started I had a RL friend tell me some tips about how he was selling pot leaf shirts for 10$ so I got interested.

Before I skip this part I sold cheap things at sandboxes for 25$ a box at the risk of being banned. This money I later used to upload textures. And also some camping here and there. I found a few cheap vendor locations to sell my items at one for instance was at Athena Sterlings Mall by Ziggys casino.(if she is reading this, hi Athena =) I then realized that it is possible to make money selling things that do not exist in RL, so I started to market my items to friends.

I practiced and practiced building and texturing techniques until one day I got my break, a friend offered me to build a night club for a friend and I took the opportunity without haste. I strated my buildign and creativity process and designed an extremely nice club called "Club Diamond". I had already had alot of photoshop experience and used that to make Logos for the club.

Although I never made any money at all from the club I had made contacts and friends and some big contacts that owned casinos and other venues. Using those contacts and advice I started building and designing things that would be innovative to SL, like I see something and say.. Damn I could make that better... well I did and my first few items I made and sold were Dance Floors and DJ Booths.

During this time of building a good RL friend had hooked me up with a ava that had land she didnt use and told us we could use it for our store and from then it was nothing but buildign and marketing. Alot of this money that had been made in this process (about 500L$) had been gambled through blackjack tables to try to make moeny back and believe me it is possible I was able to make 3k in a few days from blackjack bets at Ziggys casino (I got used to the card patterns). So from here it was all gravy.. I started being creative and buildign more and more until the point that I had grosses over 400USD since August of this year.

Although most of this money was spent on SL items like Black widows, protech, The force, and other items everone should own. I then had enough money to buy my own land about 30K L$ so I shopped until I found a mainland 2560 for 19,999$ and scooped it up. opened up shop and from there now I own an Island, and store all without ever ONCE buying a Linden dollar, however I wonder just how much I have spent on Uploads lol.

In a post here in SLE when I was a noob I had said I was the furture of SL, I was the type to always be creative and Innovative and just make things better while meeting more people and networking my ideas from my head and my photoshop expertise. And now.. its true. Anyways the point of this thread is to shwo people that it is more than possible to own land (which tier is paid for through sales) and actually profit from SL.

I recently cashed out abotu 30k for 100USD and transfered it to my paypal and it hit my bank Saturday. I am jsut still amazed that all my hard work actually showed that it was possible to make real money playing a video game. And it will onyl get bigger from here.

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