Winning Online Poker Strategy

Most poker players never learn the REAL SECRETS and techniques for playing online no-limit Texas Hold’em Poker. They may learn a few tricks or two on TV from the World Series of Poker... or maybe they think they know how to read a “poker face” from their Saturday night home games with friends and neighbors... but there are literally HUNDREDS of winning secrets and methods that YOU can use to gain an advantage at the online tables..

And speaking about the World Series of Poker, did you know that more money and pots are shifting hands online before and after the big tournaments? This is where the real pros literally steal pocket-change from all the new poker players online dreaming about winning a seat to the World Series!
You hold pocket aces in late position, put in a raise at the first opportunity, and find yourself against a small enough field to feel like your aces have a chance. The flop comes 8-4-2, a safe enough flop, you figure, since your foes are unlikely to be in there with 8-4, 8-2 or 4-2, and while small sets are a possibility, you judge that to be a remote possibility -- especially when it's checked around to you and then just one subsequent player calls your bet. You put him on a good eight or an overpair; you're not scared, nor should you be.

But here comes the turn, an offsuit 7. He checks. You bet. He raises . Now you have that familiar sinking feeling: You've been trapped by a slow-played superior hand. Could he really have been lucky enough to hit his set or second pair? Could he have been boneheaded enough to call your initial raise with two disconnected low cards? Maybe he played a 5-6, drew to an inside straight and got there. In any case, you are now in the midst of a familiar situation: You're stuck on the hand and there's no way out. You're going to call his raise on the turn because, hey, you might pair up or ace up on the river to beat him -- unless your pair gives him a boat, or unless he's already on a made straight. In any case, you're committed... committed to losing two more big bets because you feel, fatalistically, that there's no way out.

Is this true? Is it really true that you can't escape further damage? After all, why not fold? Why not save those two bets for a time when they'll do you more good.

Sure, you reckon, he might be bluffing. But for the sake of this example, let's assume that you know he's not. You've never seen him check-raise bluff, but you have seen him check-raise trap many times. Nor is he the kind of player who might put you on overcards and think that his ragged eight is the best hand. No, he's just another straightforward, unimaginative player who just barely knows how to check-call the flop and check-raise the turn. For the sake of this example, let's assume that you're 100% certain he has you beat. Yet you call. Why is that?
Could it be that you feel you're owed?
We all know how rarely pocket aces come around. When they come our way, we naturally anticipate winning with them. Why not? They're the best possible hand, and we're good people. We deserve to win. Thus burdened by this feeling of entitlement, we tend to underestimate the strength of our foe's hand, and overestimate the chances of beating him on the redraw. Our thinking is skewed by the emotional attachment we have to those beautiful bullets. We want them to win. We need them to win. If they don't win, it's a tragedy and a shame, but not so big a tragedy and a shame as folding now. That would be just unfair...

You see this sad rationalization in at least one other circumstance: when a player holds pocket kings and there's an ace on the flop. He raised pre-flop, driving off (he assumes) all hands except premium ones. Well, what's a premium non-pair hand? A hand with an ace, of course. But when that ace hits the flop, our holder of king-king suddenly loses all perspective. He puts his foes on underpairs or draws, even when his foes start raising like flags. Why? Because pocket kings come along as rarely as pocket aces, and he feels like he's owed!

My friend, discipline in poker means more than having rigorous starting requirements. It also means getting away from hands when you're beat. If you can't fold aces when you know, with every fiber of your being, that they're just going to cost you bets upon bets, then you don't have discipline. If pocket kings leave you vulnerable to the stealth ace, you don't have common sense.
All you have is a feeling of entitlement, and this feeling, even if it's justified (which it's not), puts your focus on entitlement instead of perfect play. This can only hamper your perceptions, warp your decisions and degrade your results.

Making money in secondlife

I've been having a lot of fun lately with Second Life. The only person I couldn't convince that it is worth spending any time on was my brother in-law who is a big time coder and CTO. Recently, my favorite conversation was with my friend Bart S. who did see the value in having a 3D showroom, but didn't think enough of main stream would participate and he's probably right over the short term. However, there are a ton of people making money in Second Life as this Reuters article points out called Second Life development shops pull in big business.

The development shops that a big company can pay to design an island, shop, or building are cashing in big time. And, I think it is well deserved because I've tried constructing items in Second Life and it is a pain. Sure, I can make a brick wall, but playing around with scripting and coding is way past the amount of time I can afford. That's why I'm trying to enlist my friend Chip B. to look around and see how we can make some cash. According to the article, the developers were planning on averaging $80K in revenues for the 4Q with a median of $18K. Even if that is inflated (self-reported survey data always is), that is still some serious cash that should only grow.

Someone is making money in Second Life. Right now, you can exchange L$279for US$1 and in the last 24 hours over $650K was spent in Second Life. Me, I'm just looking to set up shop and have some of my clients over for a meeting. Just to get their feet wet in social marketing, that is until Chip and I can figure out something.

How To Make Money In Second Life

How could we earn money in secondlife quickly, and become a millionaire as Anshe Chung ?Here is a article that point to all the way how to make money in secondlife

About Linden Dollars

Every person in Second Life gets a stipends or weekly salary of a few hundred Linden dollars ($L). Linden dollars can be converted into US dollars at around 280 to 1. That means that 1 Linden dollar is worth about a half cent in real money.
In addition to the stipends, you can work for someone or start your own business to earn Linden dollars or you can buy them at online currency exchanges with real dollars. This feature of Linden dollars and US dollars being interchangable makes it possible to turn your virtual income into real income. So much so, that Congress has met to discuss the future of taxing this income.

Earning a Living in Second Life

There are a number of things you can do to earn money in SL. How much you can earn depends on your skills, your creativity and your business savvy, just as in real life. There are many people who earn a couple or a few thousand real dollars every month from their Second Life work.

Minimum Wage Jobs

There are lots of these. They typically pay 2 or 3 Linden dollars per 10 minutes of work and they involve kicking back in a chair and chatting with your friends. What? They pay you to relax?!! Yes or at some places you can push a broom or stand on a dance pad that animates your avatar. Basically you get paid just to be at the location.
The reason business owners will pay you just to be there is that people go to second life to meet new people and chat with them. The Second Life satellite map is a lot like Google Earth. People are drawn to places where there are groups of other people which is shown in the map as a collection of green dots. So having traffic will bring you more traffic and you can make enough money to pay your ‘employees’ and earn a profit by selling your wares or offering casino games.

Dancing, Hosting and Management Jobs

If you’ve got a hot avatar, which you can design yourself or purchase, then you might find work at one of the clubs as an exotic dancer. As a dancer, some places will pay you a wage and you can earn tips.
If you’re outgoing and a great chatter, you might be able to earn a little more as a club host, hostess or manager.

Design and Construction Businesses

With 3d modeling, photoshop or programming skills you can start to make some good money. If you have two or all of these skills, then the sky is the limit.
3d modeling. You can build and sell anything you can imagine from custom avator bodies to vehicles, plants, homes and commercial buildings. Pretty much anything. If it’s well designed, people will buy it. You can download Second Life’s
basic avatar bodies and modify them yourself using Poser
Photoshop. Creating custom textures for anything from clothing design to marble flooring can earn you good money. Fashion in Second Life is big business just as it is in the real world. Everyone wants to look good.
Programming. SL script is used to animate avatars and objects. It can make your avatar dance. It makes a slot machine work or a spaceship fly. Programmers bring SL to life with animation and functionality.

Become a Real Estate Mogul

Anshe Chung is an SL property developer and may very well become Second Life’s first billionaire. She has amassed property and holdings worth over $250 million Linden which translates into $1 million dollars in the real world - She’s the first real world millionaire with income earned entirely from virtual world profits.
Second Life has a First Land program which allows first time buyers to purchase a small plot of real estate below market value. In addition, you can buy land from other residents or at auctions. You can even buy your own private island.
The key to real estate is to buy land, subdivide it into plots and develop those plots with an optimum mix of commercial and residential buildings. Then you can rent these plots out or sell the development.
Like most real world big businesses, Anshe Chung has been at the heart of some controversy for establishing zoning rules on the land she holds - in other words you can’t build a commercial business on a residential plot. She has also evicted renters from land she has purchased, so that she can develop it into a more profitable neighborhood.

Where’s It All Going?

As you can see, many real world business models are possible in Second Life’s virtual world. The few key business opportunites being utilized now will expand as more people develop new ideas. The key is to look at what’s possible in the real world and find a way to bring it to the virtual world.
Then, you just might be Second Life’s next real life millionaire.

Here is some new ideal of earning money in secondlife

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New Design Tip in SecondLife

Creat some productiong and sell them is the good weay to earn money in secondlife, there is a tip for New Design :

I find myself often looking at items and images posted by new designers and thinking that they?ve got a solid design or item to sell, but they are not showing it off and marketing it to the fullest potential. Figured since I?m thinking this way?. There have to be others who feel and think the same way.

So, I?m starting this thread as a way for those of us who have been selling for a little while to offer tips and advice to those who are just starting out. * waits for those few people to cry out about not wanting to help their ?competition? and not having any help when they started* If you don?t want to help out.. then simply ignore this thread? if you have any words of wisdom or thoughts.. post away.

Tip #1: Name your business. If you have a memorable business name, word of mouth will spread. Think about it? if someone is wearing your item and someone asks where the got it from.. they are more likely to remember the store name over your name. It makes it easier for people to talk about your shop. It's also advisable to have a logo, people respond to visuals and most the shops in game that are among the most popular have logos that you see and know it's them right away.

Tip #2: It?s all in the name. If you make a shoe and call it ?Blue Shoe? then it?s not going to be something that sticks in the memory of those you want to buy it. Come up with something catchy.

Tip #3: Have a Studio. You don?t need a large building; just somewhere that has a controlled environment. It?s easier to take photos if you can control what?s around you.

Tip #4: When photographing your item, use LIGHT. If you don?t have a studio lighting set up, don?t worry? the sun works great to. Use the game settings to control the sunlight. Depending on which way your facing, I find that either sunrise or sunset works the best so you have direct lighting.

Tip #5: Use Prt Scr. Instead of taking pics in game with the screen shot tool, use the camera controls to line up your shot and then hit the Print Screen button. Then paste the image into your art program. This way you can work out the exact angle to show the product off best without the $10 fee every time you take the pic. You can also use this to get multi shots of the item from all sides and edit them together in your art program. Then, you simply upload the file for one $10 fee.

New player money guid

As a new player, how to earn money in secondlife?

This is a money guide to you , read and begain to earn !

A general introduction to jobs in SL

The first thing everyone should read on the subject of jobs in SL is : the jobs page on the SL wiki that lists common jobs in SL. This gives you an idea of many of the basic job categories in SL. Typically most of these jobs are identifiable because :* they require a lot of "low intensity time" - that is, time you're around the computer waiting for something to happen, or otherwise not doing much. Examples : a security guard waiting for griefers to show up, a dancer/escort using animations and sometimes talking to customers waiting to get hired, etc.* require relatively little skill. Examples : a security guard in *some* cases needs only to know who to ban and how to ban them. The 'who to ban' is usually covered by a set of rules given to them, and the 'how to ban' is usually as simple as shouting "/8 addt NAME" or similar to add them to the ban list of a security orb nearby.* very similar jobs to them are done for free.

For example, at many clubs, there are quite a lot of regular customers who have if not the power to ban griefers, at least the contact details of a club admin who can swoop in at short notice. There are lots of people in SL who are willing to have av-sex for free, indeed, some of the most popular locations in SL are based around the idea of free sex. Therefore, it is hard to earn L$ that way in Second Life because there are so many people willing to have sex for free.* tend to be 'service' oriented. That is, if you're trying really hard to do something for someone else, you're probably in a much weaker position than someone who has people come to *them* for help.

Basic principles of how to earn more L$ and enjoy doing itThere are many jobs in SL that are low-paying and fall into the above category.The SL wiki article above covers most of them. I do not mean to demean dancers, escorts, , security guards, etc.... I am simply pointing out that if you want to be rich, they are probably not the jobs for you. Personally, I think of becoming rich as rather like becoming happy - it's a background goal in life that you accomplish best by doing other things. For example, if you're always thinking about how unhappy you are, becoming happy becomes your goal, and then you start looking for short-term ways to become happy, like drugs or casual sex. Invariably these provide a quick-fix but leave the longer-term problem unsolved, and soon you are back where you started, even more unhappy because you remember that for a few moments you were happy.

The effective way to become happy is to put unhappiness out of your mind - refuse to be unhappy - and settle down doing something you enjoy, something that helps you in the long term, something that challenges and distracts and motivates you and generally gets you interested in life again. Similarly, the best way to earn L$ is not to be always focused on earning L$ - rather, it is to do things which have as side effects producing lots of L$, and to be so focused on doing these things well that you don't notice the amount of L$ you make. This has two advantages - firstly as you're not so distracted with L$ you can focus on your work and thus produce better quality work, thus earning more L$..... and secondly if you're focused on your work all the time your L$ tends to build up because you're so focused on your work you do not have time to spend it.So, to summarise : the best way of making L$ is to pick something that you enjoy doing anyway and are good at, and try to find a way of making L$ from that. Develop your natural skills and try to use them to address a want or need people have. Use your mind (or hire someone else's) to do the things you can't do - for example if you come up with a great new idea for a product, sell it to a company that makes products like that.

If you make products but are stuck for new ideas, hire some creative thinkers to get you back on track. Develop your own skills to a high level, and co-operate with other people who have other skills to make something that people will buy, then split the profits.Of course, as with any capitalist system, the most lucrative job is the one where you come up with an idea of how to make something quickly and cheaply, yet this thing you make is in high demand and can be sold for lots of L$. By the time everyone else figures out that they could make this too, you've sold a ton of them and made a lot of L$. Unfortunately these jobs are the hardest to get, because they require you to :1) be able to identify what consumers need or want, before most of them are even aware of it themselves.2) be able to design a solution to their problem that is both effective, appealing and cost-effective to produce.3) be able to make people aware of your product and convince them to buy it.The key to getting this kind of job is that you :1) Identify what skills you have.2) Identify what needs or wants other people have which are not yet met by any existing product 3) Figure out a way to meet a need or want that people have with one or more of your skills.

For example : In my case, I identified that I'm a good writer, and that I have years of experience doing various forms of roleplay online and offline. I realised that a lot of people in SL like or are curious about how to do good roleplay - but they don't know much about it because before I wrote what I wrote, information like that just wasn't written down anywhere in SL that I or anyone I asked could find. I saw a way to help people learn and thus improve the quality of their lives, by teaching them about something I knew about and they wanted to learn about. I could have tutored them one on one, but it is a far better use of my time to have a vendor selling my work 24/7 while I am off doing other things My point is that I saw a way I could be useful to many people by making something for them - I made it - I started selling it and it is selling well.To make a product that sells well, you have to match your existing skills to what consumers want. Develop your skills, identify what consumers want, make it, sell it, and profit from doing so. Try to make something that you *enjoy* making - as that will keep you motivated to do a better job and result in a better product more people want to buy.

Why you should always sell something you're personally interested inYour peers and friends, the people you hang around with, are probably interested in roughly the same things as you are. If you use your skills on things you are interested in and thus make a product that people want, it will thus probably be tied to your interests, and thus be a way you get involved in the community as a businessperson. This is a good thing because it gives you social status amongst your friends as well as L$... and opens the door to opportunities in your business. For example, if your friends are interested in the same things as you, they might be interested in your product. If they're interested in your product then they might help you develop it in various ways like pointing out its flaws so you can fix them, or advertising it for you by telling their friends.

You can encourage this sort of benefit by giving free samples of your finished product to your friends - if your product is good, they will recommend it to their friends and this is a great way to launch your product onto the market.Thus, building a product based on your interests :1) gets you social status if done well2) is a great way to meet new people who share your interests3) provides a great excuse *not* to meet people you don't like ("sorry, busy with business stuff atm", for example)4) taps the resources your friends have, like the ability to give you feedback and help you develop your product, that may naturally lead to working together and thus building better friendships5) allows you to make use of the community by using people you know to give you free advertising via free samples, for example.6) motivates you - as you're MUCH more likely to work hard on a product you care about then one you don't care about.7) makes your product better - as you can draw on your knowledge and experience when making it.... plus that of your friends....etcIn short, always try to combine your skills and your interests to fill a gap in the market - produce something that addresses the wants/needs consumers have.Ways you can take advantage of SL's economy to make L$ - without harming anyoneAs an example : creating some things tends to cost more than creating others. Sound files, textures, etc, tend to cost L$10 per upload. This means that :1) if you're going to use lots of them, make sure you budget for this cost.2) you want to use as few of them as possible.There are other things, however, which are free to create (and thus, you can experiment with creating products on them for free - so even if your product fails you have not lost L$!)

My favourite example of these is notecards. I saw an opportunity to sell notecards full of information in Second Life... it was perfect for me because I had the information anyway (so wouldn't spend anything to obtain it), creating the product cost next to nothing (because creation of notecards is free), and I could sell it for free too (because it really isn't that hard to make a vendor object in LSL script, and if you use free textures for your vendor, that's free too. Plus I found some malls that were just opening and gave me vendor space without needing to pay rent).So, in summary, I worked out that I could create this product without needing to learn much in the way of new things, except how to script a vendor in LSL, which turns out to be very easy.I created my product for a grand total of $0L, and started selling it, making L$ right off the bat, because it cost me nothing to make but people were buying it at between L$49 and L$199 per copy.

I'm not suggesting that everyone should scribble down anything they want on a notecard and try to sell it.I'm simply saying that if you have a skill, or some knowledge about a special topic that you think might be useful to other people... try to find a way to turn it into a solution to one of their problems (even one they did not know they had) - and they may start paying you for being so helpful.Business is built on the principle of getting paid for being helpful - if you can help someone do something, and nobody else can, you are in a good position to say "I will only do this for you if you pay me".

Obviously you need to do a lot of helpful things for free *before* you can say that, but once you have a reputation for helping people solve their problems, it is only natural that you start charging for this as you have a valuable product/service which other people can't do as well as you... and you need some way to choose who you will help. Why not the person that pays the most? That's a quick way of deciding it that's impartial and turns the deals into both a win for the customer (they get what they want) and a win for you (you get the most L$ one can fairly demand for that product/service).

So, to summarise :

1) Identify your skills, knowledge, and assets.2) Identify how to use what you have to meet a want/need that other people have, in the cheapest way possible. Look in places like the products wanted forum first for ideas about what people might find useful - then try to find a way to meet that need at the minimum cost to you.3) Try to get some feedback from other people who know about relevant topics such as your skills and how much demand there really is for your product.4) If the startup cost is low or you reasonably expect to make a lot of L$ at this, and you have the free time, go for it.

Two very quick ways to save/make L$

1) If you're going to sell Lindens, use a limit sell, timed so you catch the market when it's going down. Your Lindens may take you a few days to sell rather than being instant, but the effect is that you get about 6% more US dollars for your money. Getting a 6% bonus for 5 minutes work reading the LindeX is a very worthwhile thing to do! If you're going to buy/sell L$, you should check out the different currency exchange sites listed at the top of this article, as their fees vary, and you can save yourself money by shopping around. The principle of "shop around" works in your favour here. Other principles such as "where possible, cut out the middleman", and "buy low, sell high" may help, but they depend on shopping around... you don't know what's out there unless you shop around.

2) If you're not going to sell your lindens, yet, and you can afford to lose them entirely, stick them in Ginko or another high risk / high gain savings account. You might lose your money, there is always a chance of that. On the other hand, if you use it right, you can earn 3.3% interest per month on your balance, which almost offsets the 3.5% fee for selling L$. I'm not sure if this is a good way to make money or not on its own, but I think that if you get that 3.3% interest on all L$s before you sell them, AND you time your selling of L$ to sell when the market is right, using a limit sell, I think your chances of making money are much better.

3) Encourage your customers to pay you in L$, rather than using sites like paypal. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, PayPal are more expensive to use for business transactions - they charge a 2.5% fee for handling currency exchange, for example, which can be very significant if you're running a business in SL but aren't based in the USA.

Secondly, PayPal will share your RL name with your customers unless you pay them extra for a business account.

Thirdly, PayPal effectively lock up your money for awhile by taking what I consider to be far too long to process withdrawals. Fourthly, I used to use PayPal to process payments for another online business I have, but I pulled all of my money out of my PayPal account and then closed it completely after they charged me substantial fees for something that I felt was very unfair.

Finally, people are more open to spending L$ than they are to spending USD, because they don't consider L$ to be 'real money', psychologically. Getting people to buy your product with cash is hard. Getting them to buy it with a credit or debit card is easier, because it doesn't *feel* so much like they're handing over money.

Getting them to buy it with L$ is even easier still, as to them it feels like they're dealing with something akin to monopoly money... "game money" that isn't serious. So, when you can, set prices in L$. The only exception to this is when you are dealing with large-value items, in which case you don't want to set prices in L$ because the resulting numbers are huge, and it shatters the illusion. It is also rather unethical, as frankly if you're setting your prices in L$ to disguise the fact that you're asking for a lot of USD, you probably ought to be spending your time improving your product, rather than trying to fool people with marketing.

So, to put it simply : set your prices in L$ where it is convenient, and especially for low value items. For high value items, setting them in USD is probably more ethical and protects you from market fluctuations. 4) Never, ever enter "lotteries". Similarly, never gamble. The reason is simple : the odds are always against you in the long term. The longer you play, the more and more likely it is you will lose a lot of L$ this way. Ultimately, in gambling, the house *always* takes your money in the long term. Remember : if you gamble - don't expect to win.Lotteries are similar : at most they pay all funds paid into the lottery to a single lottery winner. Usually they pay a portion of what is paid into them. That means that when you enter a lottery you are trading L$1 for a ticket that is worth much less than L$1. You almost always lose money *and* value instantly, as soon as you buy a lottery ticket.

For this reason, I would suggest that you never gamble and never buy lottery tickets, ever. I personally consider lotteries and gambling in general to be nothing more than a waste of money. I can see their appeal - they give you hope of a better situation in future - but it is false hope - they almost always make sure you end up poorer than when you started. In order to buy enough tickets to be in with a meaningful chance of winning a lottery, you have to spend so much on tickets that it is not worth entering.

For example, lets say a lottery pays out 90% of its ticket sales in a jackpot. To be in with a 50% chance of winning a L$90 jackpot, you'd have to pay $50 in tickets. It's pretty easy to see why buying 50% of the tickets in that lottery is a bad idea : you have a 50% chance of getting L$90 and a 50% chance of getting L$0. That averages out to L$45, which is less than what you paid in the first place. Effectively, any time you are buying a lottery ticket, or gambling, you are trading L$ or real USD money for a 'chance' which is worth less than what you are paying for it in terms of L$ or (in the real world) USD value. This has been called "a tax on people who can't do math".Put simply : don't gamble or enter lotteries unless you enjoy losing money

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