New Design Tip in SecondLife

Creat some productiong and sell them is the good weay to earn money in secondlife, there is a tip for New Design :

I find myself often looking at items and images posted by new designers and thinking that they?ve got a solid design or item to sell, but they are not showing it off and marketing it to the fullest potential. Figured since I?m thinking this way?. There have to be others who feel and think the same way.

So, I?m starting this thread as a way for those of us who have been selling for a little while to offer tips and advice to those who are just starting out. * waits for those few people to cry out about not wanting to help their ?competition? and not having any help when they started* If you don?t want to help out.. then simply ignore this thread? if you have any words of wisdom or thoughts.. post away.

Tip #1: Name your business. If you have a memorable business name, word of mouth will spread. Think about it? if someone is wearing your item and someone asks where the got it from.. they are more likely to remember the store name over your name. It makes it easier for people to talk about your shop. It's also advisable to have a logo, people respond to visuals and most the shops in game that are among the most popular have logos that you see and know it's them right away.

Tip #2: It?s all in the name. If you make a shoe and call it ?Blue Shoe? then it?s not going to be something that sticks in the memory of those you want to buy it. Come up with something catchy.

Tip #3: Have a Studio. You don?t need a large building; just somewhere that has a controlled environment. It?s easier to take photos if you can control what?s around you.

Tip #4: When photographing your item, use LIGHT. If you don?t have a studio lighting set up, don?t worry? the sun works great to. Use the game settings to control the sunlight. Depending on which way your facing, I find that either sunrise or sunset works the best so you have direct lighting.

Tip #5: Use Prt Scr. Instead of taking pics in game with the screen shot tool, use the camera controls to line up your shot and then hit the Print Screen button. Then paste the image into your art program. This way you can work out the exact angle to show the product off best without the $10 fee every time you take the pic. You can also use this to get multi shots of the item from all sides and edit them together in your art program. Then, you simply upload the file for one $10 fee.

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